What is the Tiktok For You Page?

Tiktoks Foryou page is the big mistery of the booming social network. But how do you actually get there and what is the TikTok ForYou Page anyway plus why is it so incredibly important? Celebninja is here to answer your questions in a complete guide to tiktoks foryou page, stay tuned.

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TikToks ForYou Page – be there or be square

If you dont know exactly how the new, most downloaded Social App TikTok actually works, thats no reason to worry – noone really does. So thats the good news already at the beginning. Tiktok is a social network that contains some features we already knew from networks like facebook and Instagram, like Likes and Shares or comments but also a few new ones. Especially the way you consume the content is fairly special. Tiktok only contains short video clips (similar to the former network Vine) and no pictures. If you want to share pictures you only have two ways to do it: make it a video slideshow or use the space you have in your profile picture. These are the only two ways where pictures actually make sense.

The way you consume your entertainment at tiktok is what makes it so special because most of the “work” is done by an algorythm that chooses which video you will see next when you scroll down your foryou page. On this page you will see all kinds of videos like dances, tiktok duet videos, jokes, singing or DIY videos. So let’s talk about that magical page a little more in detail.

What is the ForYou Page?

The TikTok Foryou page is the endless scroll down page you will see when you first open the app. It will immediately show you a “random” video. You can either watch it or scroll down to the next one. The next video on the other hand will be randonly picked as well and so on. There is a search function in tiktok as well so you can manage to search for certain users or certain content but the usage of the ForYou Page is, as you can imagine, a thousand times higher. So thats already one part of the answer to WHY the Foryou page is so important. It gives you endless exposure and a lot of views on your video. A video is considered “viral” when it lands on lots of peoples ForYou Pages. You will see all kinds of content on the FYP but most importantly the viral dances and hottest Tiktok duets. When first starting duets people often complain about having no sound their Tiktok duets. Read our full guide on how to fix this. But what is the deal with the foryou page and how do I get there?

How to get on Tiktoks ForYou Page

After all you read to far that is the magical question right? How does my video get to TikToks ForYou Page? Long answer short: noone really knows but there is quiet some good knowledge around. The ForYou Page is all about viralness right. There is a lot of back and forth with people claiming to know the formular and it even gets more complex when you think about TikTok duet videos because thei will offer a combination of two different creator as well. But how do videos get viral? By testing! It all comes down to the tiktok algorythm: somehow the machine needs to find out what content is good, liked, shared, watched and commented by other users and what content is crab. And here is how the algorythm does it: Whenever a video gets uploaded the algorythm puts the video on some peoples foryou pages. Now is the time: these first test users need to react to the video. It does not have to be a like or share. It can also be several watch throughs or a comment. The algorythm takes this, puts it into its machine and shows the video to the next users. If these users again respond in a positive way TikTok will put it onto even more ForYou Pages and so on etc.. that is the snowball principle that makes videos go viral on tiktoks foryou page.

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