Top 10 Kpop dancers of 2020

Kpop looks amazing. But its not only the faces of the idols that look like they were from a fairytale. A huge part of the awesomeness of Kpop comes from their dances. Kpop Fans all over the world are starting their random dances and try to be as good as their idols. Speaking of Idols and dancing: Ever wonderes which idol is the best dancer in Kpop? Well stay tuned, we got the list ready for you.

top 10 kpop dancers

Number 1: Jimin (BTS)

OK that one is maybe a no brainer. A list with the best kpop dancers of the globe should probably start with the top dancer of the most successfull kpop band in the world: and thats without a doubt BTS. Jimin is well known to be a top dancer. It is common knowledge that he started to dance very very early when he was still a kid. There are still some videos around of Jimin dancing at a super young age. His signature is that he can alternate between super smooth and super fast movements very effordlessly.

Number 2: Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

Although Eunhyuk is compared to other kpop idols super old (he is born in 1986) his moves are still awesome. He joined Super Junior in 2011 and from day one on he was recognized as one of the best kpop dancers in the industry. His incredible powerfull dance moves make im easily rise to the top of the top 10 kpop dancers list.

Number 3: Lisa (Blackpink)

Lisa also known as lalisa is simply a super mega talent. She knows hot wo speak lots of different languages, is know for being one of the best female rappers out there and is incredible beautiful as well. Another talend of Lisa is that she is super funny and defenitely the one keeping the power level and the fun level up high at Blackpink. Her Moves are super clean and she eventhough it might al look easy, she trains a lot to achieve the level she currently has.

Number 4: Lee Tae-min (Shinee)

Lee Tae-min or better known under is shorter name Taemin is a real super dancer and definitely belongs here in the official top 10 best kpop dancers ranking list. He is not the youngest (born in 1993) but still super fresh and powerfull in his dance moves. He connects power and smoothness in a super elegant way and Shinee can be more than happy to have a dancer like Lee Tae-min.

Number 5: Kai (EXO)

There is no kpop dance list without EXO in it. EXO kills it every time they are on stage and their best dancer is hands down Kai. He is somtimes considered as “walking on clouds” dancer since is moves are looking so effordless and are having the perfect flow everytime he dances.

Number 6: J-Hope (BTS)

Another BTS member on the top 10 kpop dancers? Yes thats right. He might be a little in the shadows of Jimins dance performances but actually thats not fair to say because his moves are amazing. J-Hope often states that he trains a lot to keep the level he has right now and we can truly see that. Since Bighit and BTS debuted with No More Dream in the early days J-Hope as been improving and improving every day and is you look at his performances and choreographies right now, there is no doubt that J-Hope is one of the Top 10 Dancers in Kpop for sure.

Number 7: G-Dragon (Big Bang)

We all know Big Bang is history right now and they have some serious problems but that is no reason not to honor one of the best dancers alive and truly one of the best in the industry when Big bang was still ative: G-Dragon. His moves are still being copied nowadays which makes him by far the most influencial member here on the top list of the best dancers. G-Dragon definitely belongs here as well since his moves still need to be reached by most kpop dancers these days.

Number 8: Rocky (ASTRO)

Rocky is a pure supertalend. He is born in 1999 and still very young if you only look at the rest of the top 10 dancers here on this list. So whats the deal with Rocky? Since he joined ASTRO he never stops to amaze the fans. His moves are super powerfull and always on point. Eventhough he is young and full of energy he also has no problem with clean and smooth dance moves as well which makes him a top pick for the ranking.

Number 9: Dongwoo (Infinite)

Dongwoo is an incredible good dancer and thats why he is always the eyecatcher of dance performances of Infinite. Eventhough he is pretty old already, since he was born in 1990 and also very small compared to the others here on the top 10 list he still deserves his place here. While most of the other stars are above 180 cm or even 185cm Dongwoo is only 171cm high which makes it even more difficult for him to stick out during his dances. This is one of the main reason he is way better then most of his peeks.

Number: 10 Yeji (ITZY)

The last memeber on the top 10 kpop dancers list must be Yeji from ITZY. Her style is super clean and fresh, her technique is super smooth and might be the best in the overall industry. But most importantly: she alsways looks amazing even during the most difficult dance moves. If you are dancing you know that keeping the looks and face during a performance is one of the hardest parts. but not for Yeji. She gets a clear 10 of 10 stars rating when it comes to her dancing performances.

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