Free Kpop Merch – how to get it

Getting merch for kpop (no matter which group you are interessted in) can get a difficult task depending on your current location country. We did a complete guide on where to get kpop merch already, but it gets another twist when you really are looking for ways to get the merch for free. But dont worry: there are ways to get free kpop merch and we will show you how.

how to get free kpop merch
how to get free kpop merch

What kpop merch do you need?

There is lots of different kind of merch and when we talk about free merch there is much of a difference especially when we talk about price range: cheaper kpop merch is easier to get for free than high price ones. For example free kpop ticktes are super hard to get (but there are ways!) as they are very expensive. Other merch like keychains, photobooks, plushies or clothes are easier to get for free if you know how to do it. So first things first: make up your mind and find out what you are looking for. After that go for the way you need.

#1 Register for raffles, releases and drops

There are some shops around which have the option to go for a premium (but free) membership list. A good example is They have a secret facebook messenger list. If you manage to get in, they will provide you with kpop and kdrama challenges and regularly send out some prices like give aways or 100% discount codes, which basically means getting stuff for free. If you want to get in jolybees list your best bet is to hit them up directly on facebook and ask them to take you in one of their kpop merch challenges. Then just do the challenge and get the merch.

#2 Get free Kpop merch on Amazon using gift cards

This one is also not as well known as you might think. If you manage to spot kpop merch you are interested in on Amazon, bookmark it. After you bookmarked you desired product head over to a Amazon gift card earning program and start earning. It will take a while (depending on the gift card value that you need) but its worth the hustle. After completing enough advertisers and earning enough points you will get the option for a payout. After you seleted your payout all you need to do is fill in your email adress and they will send the giftcard to you. After that all you need to do now is head back to the amazon product you bookmarked in the first place. Now log into your amazon account and redeem the gift card. After you got the balance on your account go and get your free kpop merch.

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