SpencerX age – What is Spencer Polanco Knights real age

If you are on Tiktok you do know @spencerx for sure. His fullname in real life is Spencer Polanco Knight and if you ever wondered what the real age of SpencerX really is, stay tuned because we did the work for you.

spencer x age what is the age of spencer x

SpencerX is especially known for his absolutely amazing beatboxing skills. He is one of the pioneers of tiktok which is why his whopping 32M followers are so amazing. But speaking of the Age of Spencer X you really need to know that there is lots of fake info online.

Fortunately Spencer X is born in the States which means his ID information is legit and the real age of Spencer Polanco Knight can be determined very precisely. From what we know Spencer X is born in 1992 or more precisely in April 20 of that year. This makes him 27 years old if you do the math. So dont get fooled by info claiming that Spencer X is actually way younger then he claims. He really is born in 1992 and we can back it up. So if you have been wondering or reading diverse info about the age of Spencer X. now you are updated.

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