Free Kpop ringtones – Top 3 ways to get free kpop ringtones

Kpop Songs as ringtones.. that might be the hottest stuff at the moment. But where do you actually get them? We did the work for you and present you the best sources and ways to get free ringtones right now in our Top 3 List for all devices: android and ios.

free kpop ringtones
Here is how to get free kpop ringtones on your mobile device

#1 (iOS) Free Kpop ringtones with Documents or Tubizu

This one is golden. If you look for a way to get free kpop ringtones on your device and you dont feel like paying for every new song that comes out and potentially can land on your phone: stay tuned we got you. This method basically describes the easiest and best way to grab EVERY Kpop Ringtone (Kpop Song) from Youtube, download it and put it as ringtone in your iphone. Lets get to it: First you need to download documents browser. There are other browsers which do the job but we recommend documents because its meant for this purpose. After downloading Documents Browser from the appstore and installing it on you local device start the browser by tapping on the blue sign on the right buttom corner after starting the app. After that you will need to head over to any youtube downloader website but we stronly recommend y2mate or flish.. both are extremly good. Maybe we will do review on these later but lets stay focused on the kpop ringtones case for now. After you went to some of these websites, keep them open and head over to youtube. On Youtube find the song that you wish to have as your personal free kpop ringtone. Save the direct youtube link by clicking on “share” and “save link”. After you finished that task head back to your youtube downloader website, paste in the url and click on download. It will take a couple of seconds but you should be fine. Now the downloader website will give you a direct download link for your kpop ringtone. Click it. Now comes the interesting part: the documents browser will ask you if you want to give the file a new name (something Safari wont do). There you can put in something like “Heartbeat BTS – Ringtone” just to make sure you will find your kpop ringtone later easily again. After that he Documents Browser will automatically push it into a seperate downloads section. Your Kpop Ringtone will be stored there. Now you are like 80 percent there. The song is picked, the file is locally on your iphone and all you need to do is setup the tone as your local ringtone.
The way that you do that is through the native ios App Garage Band. Just open Garage Band and open a new projekt. Import the song that you just downloaded by clicking on the little metronome in Garage Band. After that go to “files” and choose the kpop ringtone that you just downloaded. Now all you will need to do is export thie final kpop song as “ringtone” and viola. You now have your own free kpop ringtones.

#2 (android) Free kpop ringtones through Settings

So with Android as usual the tutorial is not going to be as tricky and long as it has to be with ios. Thats simply because Android allows you to access files easier in every way. So if you read the first part on how to download your free kpop ringtones from youtube downloader website like flish or y2mate then you are pretty much all set. Simply repeat the steps listed above so go to youtube, copy the link of the video where you want to get your kpop ringtone from and then head over to your Youtube downloader website. Paste in the link and download the mp3 with any browser you want. So thats the same procedure so far but slightly easier because you dont have to get a seperate browser. Now that you have the kpop ringtone downloaded just head over to settings and then to sound. Now all you will need to do is head over to ringtones in the next screen. After you choose ringtones tap the little Add or Add Media sign and search the file you just downloaded. After you found your free kpop ringtone all you need to do is get someone to call you to enjoy the sound.

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BONUS: for Android you can actually set different kpop ringtones for different people in your contact list. So if you wish to have BTS playing for some of your friends and Twice or Blackpink for others, you are free to do that. We thing thats an awesome feature.

#3 Get free Kpop ringtones on your laptop or mac

If you are oe of these guys that want to do the whole process on your Laptop Pc or Mac, dont worry we got your back as well. We understand that sometimes its just better to organize your library on a real computer device instead of managing everything on your mobile device. So when it comes to getting the free kpop ringtones for your ios and android devices the process is darn simple: All you need to do is go to any of the suggested youtube downloader pages above and paste in the link of the video you would like to have as your kpop ringtone. After you downloaded the mp3 all you need to do is sync it to your device. For android that is the easiest because you just need to add your kpop song to your devices files. After you did that just complete the last two steps of the guide above and enable your kpop ringtone in your android devices settings. If you are an iOS user you also dont need to worry because we are going to use itunes to do the magic. Just plug in your iphone and sync the kpop song you want to set as your ringtone to your ios device. After you synced it just head over to Garage Band and start the app. As stated above just open the Kpop song in garage band and export it again as ringtone. After you did that the kpop ringtone will appear under ringtones in your ios devices settings. Thats it guys, that is all you need to know in order to get free kpop ringtones on both ios and android devices.

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