Are kpop idols rich? The full guide to wealthiness of kpop idols

There are so many rumors about kpop idols and how rich they actually are that we had no choice: We did the due diligence for you and now have this full up to date guide on how rich kpop idols are in reality. Stay tuned.

are kpop stars rich how roch are kpop stars in reality
are kpop stars rich?

Which kpop idols are the richest?

Lots if assumptions already accure when we talk about the richest kpop stars or idols on the globe. Celebninja has the full list for you:

  1. PSY (Gangnam Style) – PSY: He is indeed more than just a one hit wonder. PSY got famous with his Youtube ground breaking song Gangnam Style. With this sond alone he earned close to 30 Million USD. But thats not it: he also signed a huge contract with YG Entertainment that year. But that is still not the main reason PSY is in the top range when it comes to the richest kpop idols. What really makes him incredible rich is that he comes from a super wealthy family leading the DI Corporation, a huge company in Korea. Additionally his family owns sevreal restaurants in seoul Gangnam. PSY is really one super rich kpop idol.
  2. Kwon Ji-Yong aka G-Dragon: This guy is crazy rich asian indeed. Why? because he earns from several sources: He is a singer songwriter of the first hour, earns cash for acting and also has deep roots in the fashion business. With close collabs with Nike and other brands he fills his pockets as we speak. But here comes the main reason G-Dragon is one of the richest kpop idols out there: We owns close to 200 copyrights because he wrote the songs himself and kept all the rights. These copyrights alone make him an approx 1 Million USD every year. And remember: that is just because someone is using one of G-Dragins Songs. Its not like he would have to do something for that money anymore. We think thats crazy and also super smart which is why G-Dragon deserves to be one of the top richest Kpop Idols of all time.
  3. Jung Ji Hoon aka RAIN: Bi Rain is one super rich guy and he defenitly has to be on this list. The super famous kpop star and even more famous actor made a real fortune during his acting season and made some seriously clever investments after his main career. The biggest achievement for Jung Jo Hoon also known as Rain is his youngest one: his engagement and marriage with his carin wife Kim Tae-hee. His already 40 years old wife is super rich as well and together they own some incredible valuable apartments and real estate in Korea. Thei estimated net worth increased to close to 50 million USD in 2020.

How rich are Kpop Stars in general?

This is not as easy to answer as you might think because its not everything as shiny as it seems. We know that kpop stars and actors always look super beautiful and super rich but in reality thats not the case. Why? Well thats easy because they have to pay a lot in order to be where they are now. In Fact Kpop stars are taking a huge risk when they decide to go for forming a kpop group or publishing songs. They have to pay incredible amounts (themself!) for getting training, voice training, dance lessons and also air time on local tv and radio stations. Also singing up with a huge label like YG is super expensive for them because the label will always take a lion share of the revenue a boygroup or girlgroup makes. The actual money that flows to the artists is little compared to what originally was invested and earned with tickets and merchandise. If you look at the list above you will notice that (e.g. G-Dragon) the stars earn from channels whoch thay actually own and now from channels their label owns. This is the main reason why not every kpop star is actually rich.

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