#husbandmaterial – the full guide to the tiktok hashtag +husbandmaterial

today we take a look at the #husbandmaterial. In the first video you can see a boyfriend crying because he thinks that one day he could lose a girlfriend. in the second video this is also very interesting because you can see a friend pushing his girlfriend back into the car just to open the door for her. In the third video you can see how the friend of the girlfriend bought a lot and brought something because she told him that she was not feeling well. the video is very long because he bought a lot until he even brought the corona mask. and of course lots of chocolate for his girlfriend. that makes sense with this hashtag. then we watch another video.

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The next video of #husbandmaterial shows how the girlfriend asks her boyfriend if she can have his smartphone and he hands the smartphone over to her without asking. then there is a video about the hashtag. this is about the man making everything possible for the woman and showing how the man built a swimming pool for the woman. and there is also a video on the hashtag which shows how the husband is selected by the woman about korean drama series. and then she does the reality check because in reality in college or in the dating apps, friends and husbands don’t look like that at all, but much uglier. and the last video shows a man as he shows how he is a very good husband, because he washes dishes and does everything for his wife. thats what #husbandmaterial is about on tiktok.

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