#datamosh – the full Tiktok guide to the latest hashtag #datamosh

If you have been looking for a full guide about #datamosh on Tiktok, you came to the right place. We made the due diligence for you and are happy to present you the the ultimate guide to the hashtag # datamosh on Tiktok.

Lets first go through a few Tiktok #datamosh videos. In the first video you see how a white bicycle is only painted on the floor but then all of a sudden it blurs to the left and then actually stands on the street as a real bicycle. in the second video you see a hand moving from left to right and the inside suddenly changes to outside that is the illusion you can see a similar illusion. In the next video there is a young man turning his head and suddenly the back of the head becomes the front and in the next video it is also interesting because a red one cup suddenly becomes a stop sign, then it is turned into a wheel and a table tennis trowel and after that into a ball so it changes back and forth.

In another #datamosh video you can see the trick in which the hand can be seen again and again changing from the front to the back. But there are also very crazy videos as well. Another video shows a hand goes into a carpet. Then it looks colorful and crazy. Then there is a video in which a man can be seen a man as he has a crab spider on his head which then becomes his head again and can zoom in so long rows in a praised video.

It goes on with a video where you can see a couple of feet walking which suddenly go into the water but then suddenly go out on the street so that they can just keep walking.

the next datamosh video shows a young man filming an asian man in the mirror, jumping up and but sitting on the floor at the same time.

It’s always the same pattern: different pictures are blended into each other. Another #datamosh video shows someone eating. feels like he is trying to eat with the fork but then the food is suddenly outside it seems as if he has nothing in his hand. After that he reaches out to grab the door.

You will also see a datamosh video again in which a boy zooms into his mouth and then out again and all of a sudden the mouth becomes his hair.

Datamosh videos basically work this way: different scenes come together again and again and get blended into each other looking like a glitch. in the next video it is again that protagonist tries to grab something a blue bottle but the blue bottle is gone. Suddenly the blue bottle is on hand and can be found again tomorrow in the next video we see a superman baseball cap that is suddenly thrown up and is then on the head of an asian and afterwards it gets well and it lies on the bed.

Then we have a very crazy video in which a box is turned and suddenly another surface has a buzz. Here, too, a buzz is added to a circular saw. This circular saw suddenly turns into a round basketball in a smooth blend. Also gras can easily be turned into a hand which is stretched out to pat a dog. The dog in that particular video is stroked and suddenly emerges from the meadow and the crazy thing is that every time everything disappears again then

in the next datamosh video we see how an ipad is opened. and this ipad suddenly becomes a table through datamosh and afterwards we see a coca cola which the protagonist tries to grab. the coca cola can turns into a water bottle and then it goes on as we see how the next section of the video keeps going on smoothly. one box to open this box opened over and over again but every time they seem imm still being him and he can’t get .the content of the videos are all very similar they are mostly structured in such a way that part of it disappears and due to the datamosch effect are not tangible so the videos merge into one another and look very crazy

Datamosh videos always look like a glitch. Very often the videos show scenes with a door handle being grabbed and suddenly the door is already open. Overall #datamosh videos are a super cool and crazy new thing which are hyped on Tiktok these days. Keep your eyes open for more interesting content and remember to search for #datamosh on Tiktok.

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