mndiaye_97 – Tiktoks CEO of AnimalTok

he already has over a million followers, 1.2 million followers to be exact and that will continue like this. he describes himself as ceo of animals one of his funny videos is crazy right here because here he tells what is not allowed in different states in the usa For example, it is not allowed to hunt a whale in arizona that is strange because there is no longer one here you cannot even have a car or it is not allowed to blindfold a cow or to transport a gorilla in your car that is real very strange another video he has is about koalas actually he even has several videos about koalas here he tells what happens to the koalas in australia because the koala is an animal that is threatened with extinction and that mainly because of its fur very well suited for keeping moisture out so make an extra video about koalas and he even has many different videos about koalas that is very interesting t and this video is just as interesting as the next video because he has a lot of animal videos and he has become very successful with it now let’s deal with a video about sharks because he has published several videos about one in which he talks about something for interesting facts there are for sharks, for example, there is a shark with a huge tail fin that can hit its victims with it and he has other crazy videos such as a video where he talks about what is stronger, a honey batcher or a wolverine.

His content is unlike the one from Jessica Woo (who does a lot of foodie and family stories) Ber informative. he compares the two animals on the basis of various characteristics, for example on the basis of the teeth or on the basis of the size or on the basis of the thickness of the skin and then he compares which of the two animals would win if they would fight against each other because these videos of him are really interesting and he always gets more followers because of its interesting content at the end he says that the trade is better the s stronger animal is because of its stronger and thicker skin another interesting video is that he reports about which animal would win against mike tyson as he compares different animals among other things a tower and shows how incredibly strong these animals are because they can be so strong too hitting that they would easily win against mike tyson just as showed an ant that is so strong that it would easily win against mike tyson if she were as big as him at the end of the video he also shows a kangaroo and the big red kangaroo something is strong and even has a secret trick in store that is likely to win against mike tyson easily and transport his head back to brooklyn another very interesting video what he has is unknown underwater animals or an interesting video with which he likes a lot tik tok has achieved that by showing how whales have sex because that is a question that the user and his / her own The listeners and viewers are very interested in another video which is very interesting and with which he is very successful, in which he reports about the most poisonous animals in the world. It shows different animals that are incredibly poisonous such as the stone fish or the ring octopus which with its blue shining rings sprays a very dangerous poison, it also shows that there is a snail that is so incredibly poisonous that you can die from it and these videos of him are not only very instructive but also interesting and they make you very successful he also shows very poisonous snakes and other animals but he also shows a number of spiders that actually belong more in a horror movie than in real nature, for example he shows huge spiders but also small spiders that have very deadly venom or he talks about a snake which specializes in attacking animals and people while they sleep and with it to kill that is pretty mean because at the end he says basically my conscience will be my conscience without having done anything bad. Another video which is very interesting is that in which he talks about what you have to do when you are attacked by a black cube the black one Buffett is an animal that exists in the deep region of Africa and he says this buffalo has so much strength and is so dangerous that if you are attacked you are best limited afterwards he talks about a very strange thing for us was a toad that does everything is and even tries to eat things that are bigger than himself and in the end chokes on it that is really crazy another very successful video of him is about the war in australia in which the australians fought the emus in the end is that it actually happened that the emus won even if the people with guns attacked the emos this video also has a lot of likes, you have a lot Another video he is very successful with is about animals you don’t know, for example an underwater snail that looks very colorful and very strange or an underwater shell that shines and can even filter the water – these instructive and interesting videos contribute to this that he always

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