Prince Harry speaks out at the Invictus Games

Prince Harry, who is in Florida for the Invictus Games, has given an emotional speech about his role in public life and his passion for supporting soldiers after he spent time on the front line.

Harry is a long time supporter of the games which aims to raise money and raise the profile of injured service men and women. The Prince served in Afghanistan and has said of his time on military service ‘I learned about the importance of teamwork and camaraderie in a way that only military service can teach you,’ He also spoke in support of mental health issues and highlighted that many who return from conflict zones suffer with injuries that people can’t see and that often makes it harder to seek help.

Harry set up the Invictus Games after he travelled back to Europe along with the body of Danish soldier. Harry wasn’t the only high-profile person who was there to show their support for the games. He was joined by the First Lady Michelle Obama and President Bush Junior. Morgan Freeman was also in attendance.

The Queen and Prince Harry starred in a hilarious video promoting the game. In the video, the Queen can be seen giving a sarcastic retort of ‘oh please’ to the Obamas warnings that the UK better watch out.

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