BTS Festa Schedule

In case you missed it: Big Hit just released the brandnew BTS Festa schedule and here is a recording of their official instagram story about Festa: It does not only prvide some sweet new photoshoot footage but also the festa schedule at the beginning of the video.

So BTS just released their new schedule and everyone is very hyped. In case you are more the twitter guy this is the official tweet that big hit entertainment just dropped. But what is actually in it? We just took a dip and dived into the schedule of Festa but the first thing that is very interesting about BTS new schedule is that it seem to hide a hidden single in it as well so let’s look closely at what big hit just dropped.

Here is the official tweet

BTS also dropped a glimpse of “still with you” which is teased on the same wave as well. Fan are sure that Still with you will be one of the most emotional events ever because they closely adress the corona virus pandemic. With tweets stating that the most emotional part is that after all that hapend in the past months ARMY is still with us its easy to see that this BTS 2020 festa schedule will be epic. so stay tuned

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