Tom Cruise opens Scientology studio

We all know that the world of Hollywood is a weird and wonderful place but it just got a lot weirder with the opening of a new Scientology studio. The event was attended by the church’s most famous member; Tom Cruise. The studio, which is said to have better facilities than others such as Paramount, is set to be the home for to a new channel devoted to the Church of Scientology. It was described as an ‘uncorrupted communications line to the billions. Because as the saying goes, if you don’t write your own story, someone else will.’

The new development, which is located on Sunset Boulevard, is said to have cost around $50 million. It is believed that Cruise, who himself is worth around $450 million, donated some of the money towards the build. It is thought that the new complex will now be used to film many of Cruise’s new movies. In the past, the old Scientology studio was used for filming scenes in Tom’s previous films such as Days of Thunder and Far And Away.

Tom is not the only famous face that has close associations with the church, which is suspected to be worth in the region of $8 billion. John Travolta and Kirstie Ally have both been spotted at events promoting the religion in the past.

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