thepitmansisters – Hasley, Hope & Halle Pitman – Age, height, net worth

thepitmansisters is a collaborative account of the three sister Hasley pitman, Hope Pitman and Halle Pitman. If you have been wondering about from there age height and net worth then we have the information for all the three sisters here for you so stay tuned.

Hasley Pitman – what is the Tiktok stats Age, height and net worth.

You might have already noticed that we ranked the three sisters for you. We put the oldest first. Hasley Pitman age is actually 22 years. She looks way younger and very good but this is due to her nature of being a Instagram model. She’s very conscious of her luxe. She is exactly born on September 11 in 1997 and we really think she could also be below 20 years because she looks very young and fresh. If you want to check out her beauty tips we definitely can recommend you to check out her Instagram as well because she has some amazing tricks that Hasley shows in her stories.

Hope Pitman – how old is the middle child?

She is the middle child of the group. Although you might not notice it she is slightly younger than Hazley and she is also the wild ones of the three of them. Her dancing skills are just amazing but not as good as the youngest which we will feature in a few seconds. Nevertheless she has a very interesting trivia. Her birthday is on February 26 so this means she’s born in winter. Her actual age is 17 years. She’s born in 2003 which means that she is actually 5 years younger then Hasley.

Halle Pitman – the youngest one but the most talented one?

Now let’s get to the youngest one of the pack. She is the youngest child of the three of them and rounds up the three sisters. Without her dancing skills to channel would not be the same she is an outstanding dancer. Halle Pitman also takes part in professional and competitive dance in competitions. Nevertheless she is very young still. She was born in 2005 which makes her one of the youngest create us on Tiktok among all of them. Her energy and her super funny sense of humor actually are one of the main reasons that the Tiktok account after three sisters is so famous. Halles exact birthday is January 26 in 2005 which means she’s only 15 years old by now. We see a super bright future for her nevertheless.

We will update this threat when new info about their net worth and further details get public.

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